Employee Benefits

Many employees do not know enough about their benefits to really put them to use. Understanding how to use and maximize the value of your benefits work can make a world of difference in your quality of life.

What We Teach

Maximizing the Value of Your Benefits
Employees will be able to make the most out of the benefits available to them
Understanding Health Savings Accounts
Employees will gain a full understanding of the HSA and how it can be used as a powerful savings tool for the future
Breaking Down Health Plans
Employees will gain the knowledge and understanding needed to select a health plan that meets their individual needs

"Financial Knowledge was more informed than our HR Dept. Instructor is great, knowledgeable, and personable. Thank you! I appreciate it!"
-Fortune 500 Employee

Learn How To Make The Most Of Your Employee Benefits
Employee benefits such as health savings accounts and employee assistance programs are widely offered in businesses of all sizes. Often times, due to lack of knowledge or understanding, employees do not utilize these valuable benefit offerings and miss out on the savings opportunity they provide.

By attending Financial Knowledge courses, employees will receive CEU credits while developing the knowledge and confidence they need to:
  • Maximize the value of their total benefits package
  • Understanding how benefits such as the health savings account and flexible spending account work
  • Understand any tax related implications that come along with these benefits
Employers offer these programs because they value their employees and want them to take full advantage of the benefits. With the knowledge they receive from these courses, employees will be more prepared than ever to make the most out of their benefits package.

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