Financial Management

Employees go to work with more than just their computer, they carry in financial demands and pressure that can cause distractions in the workplace. With proper education and planning, financial management doesn't have to be so stressful.

What We Teach

Financial Planning
Participants will learn how to make better spending decisions, manage their finances and stay on track with all financial goals
Debt & Credit
Participants will gain valuable knowledge and skills needed to build and maintain a good credit record
College Funding
Participants will be better able to plan and save for their childrens' college education needs. Participants will learn how to utilize funding strategies and valuable resources to help them save for the future
Estate Planning
Participants will gain a greater understanding of the estate planning process in general. Participants will learn how to set up an estate plan to ensure their assets are distributed as they wish
Identity Theft
Participants will learn how to avoid identity theft, develop awareness of specific cyber crimes, and what to do should they ever become a victim
Kids & Money
Participants and their children will learn how to develop achievable financial goals, learn about credit, investments and taxes in a simple, easy to understand format

"The information about paying off current debt, when multiple accounts are active, was invaluable!"
-Fortune 500 Employee

Develop The Confidence To Achieve Your Financial Goals
Personal finance can be an uncomfortable topic for many people. How to manage money, plan for the future, or how to improve spending and saving habits can all be intimidating topics, despite their importance to building a successful financial future.

Our courses provide attendees with the opportunity to earn CEU credits while they gain tools and confidence they need to:

  • Effectively manage their personal finances
  • Develop effective budgeting and spending habits
  • Get out of debt and understand credit scoring
  • Choose financial professionals
  • Protect their assets and income
With the right strategy and the knowledge of how to use it, anyone can gain the confidence to be proactive and take charge of their financial future.

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