Investing can be one of the most intimidating and mysterious aspects of personal finance, but it is essential to a solid financial future. Class participants get the confidence required to strategically take charge of their investment portfolio and meet their financial goals.

What We Teach

Investing Basics
Participants will gain a basic level of knowledge on investments and investing strategies enabling them to build and better manage an investment portfolio
Portfolio Management
Participants will learn how to structure, build, and monitor an investment portfolio to achieve their financial goals
How to Research and Select Stocks
Participants will gain an in-depth understanding of how to research, study, and invest in stocks making them more informed investors

"The volume of knowledge presented was fantastic. It was digestible, particularly with the resources to review in the future. The instructor's no nonsense approach to the subject matter was very clear for someone like me who is very unfamiliar with financial jargon. More than anything, he made me feel optimistic that I can take control of my investing to save for retirement."
-Fortune 500 Employee

Learn How To Build A Better Investment Portfolio
Investing is an important aspect of building a strong financial future, but it does not have to be intimidating. Through Financial Knowledge, course attendees will receive CEU credits while developing the knowledge and confidence they need to:

  • Understand stocks, bonds and the markets
  • Select mutual funds
  • Research and select stocks
  • Build, monitor and maintain a strong investment portfolio
We pride ourselves on giving our course attendees the tools they need to build their financial future with confidence.

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