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The demands of business today often leave very little time in a busy schedule. Self-paced and readily accessible, our recorded classes offer the same flexibility as our webcast classes while at the convenience a participant requires.

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"The type of knowledge you guys bring to people is extremely useful and I would highly recommend that every company offer your programs!"
-Fortune 500 Company

Financial Training At Your Convenience
Workers are growing more dynamic with each year. Many of them are no longer tied to the office or their desks, instead favoring to work where they feel most productive and comfortable. Still, others dedicate themselves to their work so steadfastly that they rarely have time to come up for air.

For some employees, convenience can be an important factor in their willingness and ability to take on new knowledge and opportunities. That's why Financial Knowledge is dedicated to delivering classes that fit with varying lifestyles.

Through recorded training sessions employees can:
  • Connect anytime and anywhere
  • Attain vital financial information at their own pace
  • Learn to plan for their financial future
  • View classes at their convenience

Recorded classes offer participants the ultimate in flexibility and convenience. The process is simple: Employees log-in to the Financial Knowledge portal, select a class, and view at their convenience.

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