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We offer a variety of ways to bring our unique services to your employees.

On-site Classes

Our instructors foster an engaging learning community where participants share and create their financial wellness plan and future.

Webcast Classes

Webcast courses offer a participant who's working remotely, traveling or simply more comfortable learning online in an interactive experience.

Financial Coaching Sessions

Financial coaching sessions provide employees with individualized attention from an experienced financial educator in the manner that suits them best, either virtually or on campus.

Recorded Classes

Self-paced and readily accessible, our recorded classes offer the same comprehensive content as our webcast classes at the convenience a participant requires.

financial education in classroom setting

On-site Classes

Getting started with on-site classes is a simple process. First, select from our course offerings. You may opt to do a free needs assessment if you’re unsure. Invite your employees to register online. Last, get ready to learn! Our instructors engage and interact with employees in a classroom environment to provide a positive learning experience.

financial education from a webcast class

Webcast Classes

Connect from anywhere in the world and gain essential financial information conveniently. Learn how to plan for your financial future. Join conversations and interact with our live instructor for real-time answers and guidance.

financial education from face-to-face instructors

Financial Coaching

Financial Knowledge offers financial coaching your employees can trust. Our instructors have no affiliations with financial products or services so your employees are guaranteed pure, unbiased guidance. Onsite and virtual sessions can be scheduled around the clock using our registration system which reminds employees of their upcoming session, their “homework” after each session, and notifies them when it’s time to schedule a follow up- holding them accountable so that they can reach their financial goals with confidence. No personal information is collected or stored so participants can rest assured the information they share with their coach is kept private.

financial education from on-demand recorded classses.

Recorded Classes

Self-paced and readily accessible, our pre-recorded classes offer the same comprehensive content as our webcast classes. Select from our course offerings and login to our portal. Employees watch at their own pace and learn the skills that empower them financially. Recorded classes offer the convenience of on-demand instruction.

Now Offering Courses in Canada

Financial Knowledge is now offering courses for Canadian employees and they are available in both English and French. Please contact us for more information.

Experience You Can Trust

Accredited Education

We are the largest accredited financial education firm in the U.S.

For 30 Years

Over 30 years experience in financial education.

Knowledgeable Instructors

All of our instructors have over 20 years of experience and have a CFP designation or equivalent.


Educating start-ups and the Fortune 10 alike.